Task: APP Development

This APP lets you find nearest parking lot.


  1. Add Your parking Lot
    You can add easily a parking lot for customers. after posting a lot it usually take up to 5 min to auto publish. it currently accepts up to 15 photos. In terms of payment method you can choose cash or card but we recommend you to add Card because of withdrawal money out of your Parking Account. we are using stripe for the payment or withdrawal.
  2. Track your balances and Activity
    Our app provides you an easy way to track all transaction and history of your activity.
  3. Express booking
    Booking a lot is easy here. you just need to pick a location, set radius and duration of the parking then you hit find. you will see list of nearest parking. if you don’t have a payment method added in the app then it wouldn’t let you proceed further. so one payment method is recommended for each account.

Future Work

We have a tonz of feature coming up. will post you those soon.